This site is dedicated to the memory and work of Pope John Paul II.

Pope John Paul II pilgrimaged to America in 1979. He was elected Pope October 16, 1978. He remained our beloved Pontiff until his death, April 2, 2005. He served the Church, our dear Lord, and the entire word for twenty-six years.

He traveled to one hundred twenty-night countries during his tenure. He invited every religious background and civilization to unite to the Holy Catholic Church. He asked for forgiveness for all transgressions done to humanity. He sought reconciliation to every sect of man who inhabited this planet. He spread the word and the true love of our dear Lord Jesus Christ.

Never in the history of mankind has one person done so much for the human race of beings. Truly he was Jesus Christ reincarnate to us here on earth. He represented Jesus Christ here on earth. He was the spokesman of God. Because of who he was and the extraordinary feats he accomplished during his reign, this site has been established; to remember his works and his tremendous compassion he had for all men.

During his pilgramte to America, he came to Living History Farms in Urbandale, Iowa on October 4, 1979. It is because of this particular visit and the extraordinary experience I had during this visit that this site has been established, along with the extraordinary accomplishments of this phenomenal Pontiff.

I want to share an unusual photograph obtained by extraordinary means and keep the memoris alive of our dear beloved Pontiff.

There were nearly 400,000 people at the Living History Farms for this great occassion, myself included.




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